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"Juanillo Lolailo i Cia." J.G Bargalló

Gonzalo Bargalló is one of the close up magic masters of Spain. His magic is really comic, dynamic and shocking. He became really famous with one of his characters, "Juanillo Lolailo", when he performed in Spanish TV contest "Un, dos, tres..."
At last Gonzalo and his characters are back to stage and you'll be able to enjoy his show.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 9 pm enjoy your nights on August.
Price 15€ (50% discount children under 14 and 25% people over 65 years old)
Teatre Museu El Rei de la Màgia, C/ Jonqueres 15 (M. Urquinaona) 933187192

Summer show

This summer enjoy magic in a different way. Come to see a magic show where you'll learn how to perform a trick, get a magic gift and enjoy the visit to magic museum.

Just on Thursday 31st at 11 am at our theatre C/ Jonqueres 15. It is essential to book and you can book it via e-mail: info@elreidelamagia.cat, via telephone: 933197393 or in the theatre until the day before the activity: C/ Jonqueres 15 (M. Urquinaona)

The price is 12 euros and you get a 25% if you are more than 10 people. Remember children must come with adults.

Teatre Museu El Rei de la Màgia C/ Jonqueres 15 (M. Urquinaona) 933187192

"The Revolution Magic Show" by Ezker

Ezker Emparanza discovered illusionism when he was 7 years old. He started performing really young and has a huge experience on television, theatres, cruisers ans casinos all over the world.

He is actually very versatile artist and so are his magic shows.

Come to enjoy his latest magic show in Barcelona "The Revolution Magic Show" every saturday and sunday at 6pm. One hour full of energy and surprises in an excepcional place.

Price 12€ (50% discount for children under 14, 25% for people over 65)

Teatre Museu El Rei de la Màgia, C/ Jonqueres 15 (M. Urquinaona) 933187192