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Educational magic activities

Magic is a really strong teaching tool and we know that.
Twelve years ago we started a really succesful magic teaching activity for schools and cultural associations that includes a visit to the magic museum, a magic show and a magic trick.

This summer you have the chance of joining this activities.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11am
Check available days and prices: info@elreidelamagia.cat

Teatre Museu El Rei de la Màgia C/ Jonqueres 15 (M. Urquinaona) 933187192

Adults magic lessons I

In these magic lessons you will learn basic magic with cards, silks, coin slide of hands, sponge balls technics and presentations, magic with ropes and papers. Paying attention to technich and presentation.
From Monday 29th June to Thursday 2nd July from 6 to 8 pm
Price 120 euros


Alex Pandrea Lecture

Alex Pandrea is a sleight-of-hand magician based in New York. Alex is known throughout the magic community for his high level of skill with a pack of cards, and is considered a master of sleights such as the Pass, Anti-Faro, Diagonal Palm Shift, and more. His work has been praised by Chris Kenner, Richard Kaufman, R. Paul Wilson, Christian Engblom, Dani DaOrtiz, and many other top industry pros. In addition to his tremendous skill with a deck of cards, Alex has also created a lot of original material with coins, straws, pens, sugar packets, matches and more.
Alex has published his effects through Theory11, Dan & Dave, and his own company, The Blue Crown. He has lectured around the world including speaking at the session (2012, 2013) and at Magic-CoN (2014). As the founder of The Blue Crown, Alex has brought several stunning effects to the market from magicians around the globe.
In his 3-part lecture, Alex will teach several of his tips on classic card moves, as well as many original sleights and effects. In addition to the methods, Alex will share his philosophies and theories on performing in the real world, his minimalist approach to routining, and much more. He will also have several DVDs and decks of cards available at an unbeatable lecture price!
Saturday 18th July at 12pm. Book now info@elreidelamagia.cat
Price 15€